How to get lost love back mantra

Are suffering from the pain of lost love? If your lover has left and also the relationship in between. Then we can understand how painful the situation is for you. But you can get your lost love and lover both back again into your life. As when you will take the help of mantra for lost love back. This mantra is specifically given to you by our black magic specialist. And if you will for once use it. Then definitely get resolve all your love issues.

What is the shiv mantra to get lost love back?

If you are craving for your love and even wants to get him back in your life as soon as you can be. Then definitely you can do so. When you will take the help of shiv mantra. As it is one of the most powerful and effective mantras. And even you will chant it. Then you can definitely resolve all your love issues and get your lost love back in your life. Thus, the shiv mantra that  you have to chant in order to get him back in your life and start loving you again is mentioned here as in the following manner:

|| Om namh namh namoh Shivaya ||

How to perform the lemon totka to get lost love back?

Now here in this paragraph, we will mention you the steps according to which you have to perform the Lemon totka. As when you are able to perform all the steps in the proper order. Then you can definitely be able to get your lost love back in your life. Thus, the steps are mention here as follows:

  • The first and foremost thing that you have to do is take a lemon. 
  • After that dig the three iron nails in it. 
  • And then put a pinch of sindoor on it. 
  • Once you have done with it.
  • Then chant the mantra:
  • || Om hareem Kaleem shreem vashyam kuru-kuru swaha ||
  • Then revolve that lemon around your lover.
  • At last, you have to dig it in the ground.

 What is the powerful vashikaran mantra kali to get your love back in life?

If you want to get your love in your life by the help of vashikaran kali mantra. Then you can possibly do this. And solve all your problems. That you are facing in your life just because of your love. Thus, the kali mantra that you have to chant is mention here as in the following manner:

|| Om kali kapalini saryashini bhatt bhatt swaha ||


If you are also facing any of the problem related to lost love. Then definitely after reading this article your doubts get cleared and you will be able to resolve all your problems. For more details or any help, you can call us on 91-8968620218.

How to get lost love back mantra
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