Mantra to punish enemy

Mantra to punish enemy

Mantra to punish enemy

Mantra to punish enemy-Want to have sure way to punish the enemy? Who is creating difficulties for you then get them and trying to kill you? Then get the mantra to punish enemy.  This is just because of the reason that there are some mantra for enemy destruction that were just only invented in ancient times by gods, when it had become difficult to kill demons.  Therefore on the base of some mantra for enemy control they gain their control over their enemy who was demons. Thus they got victory from them. Similarly, if you also have someone as enemy who you thinks as demon present in your life. Then from here you will get some mantra to remove enemy from your life. After the use of, you will be easily able to eliminate your enemy from your life.

Hanuman shabar mantra to destroy and to punish enemies in hindi

Feeling frustrating from enemies then use hanuman shabar mantra to destroy enemies in hindi.

Ulta biir Bajrang ka pao kar Ninsamkavtalkhaye, Bara kosa adhad Sam terakos Pichadasam

Aanpohoch re ulta Biirbajrang ka pao Jahahaivaha se laao

Is kaya pindke Balakunavnadi se Bahatarkothadi se, Rom rom se Cham cham se Gudgud se Pakadkelao

Meri bhakti, guru ki Shakta Furo mantra eshwarvancha


It is useful to ward off anything evil or to protect you from anything bad like protection from your enemies. 
You will protect yourself and your family from any black magic or any other evil harm. Just only through this hanuman shabar mantra to destroy enemies in hindi.


  • This mantra to punish enemy should be start on any Tuesday or Saturday.
  • You need to chant every day for 3 months.
  • On every Saturday or Tuesday offer Lord Hanuman idol or photo, clothes, wooden chappal,
  • Coconut, red flag, 2 or 7 laddu and fruits.
  • Wear red clothes apply red chand
  • And tilak on your forehead.
  • Every day you have to repeat 1080 times without fail.
  • On Tuesday eat only once and fast. 
  • Distribute jaggery and chana among children.
  • After completion of 3 months, Lord Hanuman will fulfill all your wishes.

Chants mantra to punish enemy and to destroy enemies

  • This is an extremely sturdy and effective mantra of god Ram to destroy enemies. Lord ram is described as the personification of god Vishnu and it is known as Lord Ram.
  • This is a powerful mantra to punish enemy. You will absolutely get rid from enemies and evils view by chanting this manta. This is measured as most powerful Black Magic Mantra to Destroy Enemy. Chant and recite this mantra 108 times in a day to get effects of this mantra.
  • While chanting you should keep concentration and don't divert your focus. For the special chants to destroy enemies this given mantra to get rid rapidly from your enemy and evil sight.
  • Mantra

Bayru Na Kar Kahu San Koi ।
Ram Partap Vishamata Khoi ।।


बयरु न कर काहू सन कोई । 
राम प्रताप बिषमता खोई ।।

Mantra Chanting Method:- Follow these instructions before chant this powerful and effective chants to destroy enemies.

  • at all times sit in the north or east facing.
  • Does meditation of lord ram while start chanting of mantra.
  • Chant of mantra in each evening and morning.
  • This mantra has to be recited 108 times in a day.
  • It should be noted that keep on chanting the mantra until your task is not complete.
  • With this mantra and sanctify of lord ram, you will be able to destroy your enemies and evil sights.

Mantra to stop enemy and to punish enemy 

Are you looking for How to control enemy .Do you think that your enemy has been continuing practicing some evil intentions to harm you. All his attempts are proving negative for you. Then mantra to stop enemy can help you. But what type of mantra does it could be. It is one of the very reactive mantras for that not only stops your enemy to harm you. But also it can payback him.

In spite of, it is also one of the very effective mantra to punish enemy. If you think that you are also going through the troubling situation of your life. There are a lot of people who are now satisfying cause of this mantra. Because it is just because of this enemy died mantra in Hindi they are now free from worry of their enemies.

Therefore, in order to avail the mantra to stop enemy. The better it will be for you to get in touch with our specialist. As well as, to get free from your troubles creating by your enemy.You can test the Benefits of our services in the following cities:-  Jaipur,  vadodaraRajkot and Ahmadabad.

Mantra to punish enemy
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