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Black magic to control someone




How to know if someone has done black Magic on you

How to know if someone has done black Magic on you

There are many ways so that you can easily knows that someone has done black magic on you. Black magic is a powerful way to control anybody’s mind as well as their body. Then main question arise at that time How to know if someone has done black magic on you? You just have to see these signs which we are going to tell you.  In day today many people are suffering from black magic but they have also no idea that they are doing their work in the influence of black magic. There are too many symptoms of black magic which are done on you. These symptoms are-
  • You feel there is someone around you who continuously touch you like touch your arms, touch your back, touch your hair and so on. Other then it you heard some voice like someone is calling you but when you look at that place, no one is there.
  • You continuously fall ill again and again. Even doctors are unable to make any improvement in your health.
  • Black magic effects on victim so badly. Sometimes victim react like a mental because they have own no any control on his mind. They are doing all it in the influence of black magic.
  • Black magic also effects on anyone’s relation. If someone has done black magic on you then its also effects on your relationship whether it is to your partner or to your parents. There are also a long argument on every single topic. As a result, their relation come at the peak point where it is impossible to save it.

How to know if someone has done black Magic on you And if I am affected by black Magic 

On internet many people usually ask this question How to know if I am affected by black magic? If you have also the same question to ask then right answer is above symptoms. If you are suffering from any kind of these signs then you are also in the effect of black magic. In other words we can say that someone has done black magic on you.  When there is a clearance that you are also a victim of black magic then you think  How to find out who did black magic on you?also how to know if someone has done black magic To know about the person who did all this you are in the need of any tantric or pandit who has a great knowledge about black magic. He will tell you how to remove black magi effects. Pandit Rohit Sharma is a famous pandit and also work in this field from last 24 years. He has getting boon from God and instantly recognize black magic. Other then it he will also tell you the name of that person who has done black magic on you.

How to Know if Someone has Done Black Magic on you | Black Magic Symptoms in Marriage

Sometimes we noticed that after trying a lots of efforts we are not able to get marry with anyone or with our desire person. At that time we are totally helpless. This is because of black magic. There is a supernatural power which create obstacles in our marriage. Lets read symptoms of black magic in marriage.
  • Your partner doesn’t take interest in you or attract somewhere else.
  • Suddenly you noticed your parents who are totally agree to make your marry with your love now completely against your marriage. They don’t want to make your marry with your love ones.
  • A strong feeling arise in your heart for any third person. So, now you don’t want to get marry with your love. Infect you want to marry with that third person.
  • You get irritate with your spouse easily without any reason.

How to know if someone has done black Magic on you |How to Detect Black Magic in House

Sometimes black magic done on your house. That’s why no happiness and joy remain continuously there. As a result, it is also creates problem in your marriage. Other than it, when someone has done black magic on your house then you continuously listen some sound but when you look behind there is no any one. Suddenly things start to appear and disappear. Lights may turn off or on itself. Doors may open and close itself.  Things usually fall down ownself  from table and so on. In that case the main task is How to detect black magic in house? If you want to remove black magic from your house then you can apply these remedies at your home.
  • Grow Tulsi in your courtyard. If it grows properly then there is no black magic on your house but if it doesn’t grow then there is something wrong in your house.
  • Light a lamp outside your house with neem oil in the direction of north in the evening. Doing the same procedure at every evening. So that negative power moves out from your house.
Here you are advised that before doing any remedies or upaay just meet with that person who has knowledge about black magic. Otherwise this black magic also can get harm to you.    

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