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Black magic to control someone

Black magic to make someone mad and sick

Jealousy is a thing which makes the person his own enemy.   Successful person success create jealous for him in the heart of his friends or relatives.  Those types of friends are like teeth of elephant like they will say something in front of you and will do something else in back of you.  You need to be aware of such friends and relatives. 

If you feel that someone unknown person is creating hurdles and obstacles for you then we suggest you black magic to make someone mad and sick.  If you need any assistance in the black magic to compel enemy then contact us right now and talk to our astrologers

Black magic to make someone mad and sick-Kali Maa black magic mantra and spell to compel all enemy

Everyone wants that the number of friends in his life is high and the enemy is at least.  But many times when you start flying for success in your life, different types of enemies stand in front of you.  If you cannot focus your energy in the right direction. Then you may have to face failure again.  If you are facing this situation then we suggest you should try spell to make someone sick and die.

 If you will contact our astrologer. Then he will give you kali Maa mantra to compel you enemy and make them sick and die but we suggest that use black magic to make someone mad and sick and die only if you don’t have any other option.

Maa Kali Mantra

Kreem Kreem shatru nashini Kreem Kreem Phat

First of all you have to attain siddhi over this mantra and for procedure of siddhi and how to use this then you have to contact our astrologer.

Spell to make someone regret hurting you- Mantra to make enemy suffer

When lots of enemy created in one’s life then life of that particular person become hell and it’s become difficult to survive this is the stage where our witchcraft specialist, specialized in spell to make someone regret hurting you can help you.  They have attained siddhi over lots of mantra for different powerful deity like lord narsimha.

Maa kali and the foremost power the Maa baglamukhi who is the incarnation of Maa Durga.  Apart from this you can also use the mantra for black magic to make someone mad and sick if you want to get permanent rid of your enemies.  So what are you waiting for contact us right now and be ready to live happy and prosperous life once again.

Spell to destroy someone- How to put a spell on someone who hurts you

Do you love someone and want to marry to him?  But one of your enemies is creating problem in your love marriage?  Do you want to destroy that enemy?  If yes then today we are going to tell you about a very powerful mantra to destroy enemy completely or powerful spell to destroy someone.  We advise that use this under the guidance of spell caster only. Who has good grip over the spell and spells to make someone sick.

  1. Take 38 grains of urad sabut gram or pulse and 40 grains
  2. After this make a pit and place all the material in it
  3. Fill the pit with soil again
  4. After this over the pit squeeze a lemon and during squeeze speak your enemy name

Come to your home and don’t see back till you reach your home and don’t speak with anybody till you reach your home.  This is the very powerful spell if you want to know about any other spells of black magic to make someone mad and sick. Then contact us right now our astrologer is always ready to help needy, destitute, aggrieved and innocent people like you.

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